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  • PSD2 Fallback Solution Options

    2. Oct. 2019

    Download here the free ndgit infographic on PSD2 Fallback Solution Options - proposed by BaFin within the last workshop.

  • SCA – Issuers path to full compliance

    26. Sep. 2019

    Download here the free ndgit infographic about Strong Customer Authentication and the two concurrent paths to reach full compliance.

  • Open Banking venture capitalist investment

    25. Jul. 2019

    Enjoy an exciting and well-arranged ndgit-graphic showing which sectors have received the most money.

  • Open Banking customers' view

    10. Jul. 2019

    The linchpin: the customer perspective! How do end customers perceive the topic? What do they want, what moves them, what worries them?

  • Open Banking innovations and inclusion

    2. Jul. 2019

    Examples of innovative regulatory initiatives around the world, the status of sandbox initiatives and the global status of Open Banking and PSD2.

  • Open Banking global

    27. Jun. 2019

    Infographic about the journey of Open Banking worldwide. What do companies expect from Open Banking? What is the key to success?

  • Key threats and opportunities of Open Banking

    19. Jun. 2019

    Open banking has many stakeholders and all are affected differently. But everyone needs to keep an eye on the opportunities and risks.

  • Open Banking propositions and opportunities

    24. Apr. 2019

    With the proceeding digitization in banking, the only constant thing is change. Some expect very radical changes, some more moderate.

  • PSD2 – all dates at a glance

    14. Mar. 2019

    Today the first three-month test phase under PSD2 begins - allowing TPPs to test services offered by banks in a sandbox.