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  • The magic ingredient: digital financing solutions help to build holistic full-service providers in the European car market

    10. Jun. 2022

    The introduction of the digital financing solutions that help to build holistic full-service providers in the European car market.

  • Next level embedded finance platforms

    30. Mar. 2022

    The introduction of PSD2 has put pressure on banks to implement the Payment Service Provider Directive by the early 2018 deadline.

  • Webinar: complementary revenue from third-party FX Payments

    23. Mar. 2022

    Innovative third-party offerings are shaking up the foreign remittance market.... Learn more in our webinar!

  • ndgit achieves ISO certifications

    23. Mar. 2022

    The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has awarded ndgit two certificates in recognition of the company's achievements.

  • ndgit gelistet in „The Forrester New Wave™: Open Banking Intermediaries, Q1 2021“

    23. Mar. 2022

    ndgit has been ranked among the top nine vendors by the leading provider of market research in the field of information technology

  • Open Banking 2021: Trends in Business and Technology*

    28. Jan. 2021

    The digitization of banking will accelerate significantly. We want to show what opportunities banks have to leverage this development for their business.

  • One year PSD2 – a review and outlook in webinars*

    1. Dec. 2020

    The second EU Payment Services Directive PSD2 has been fully in force for a good year. Time for ndgit to look back and forward.

  • Established core banking systems and open banking

    4. Aug. 2020

    Banks need to open up their backend systems and connect with third-party providers. Read more about the core aspects of opening up banks.

  • Best Banking Platform 2020

    6. Apr. 2020

    ndgit has been awarded as winner in the category "Best Banking Platform Germany 2020" at the International Business Magazine Awards.

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